Thursday, August 21, 2014

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    Nursery Rhyme Unit"  

Summer Youth Production:   August 8-17, 2014

                 Director: Ashley Dyer, Asst. Dir: Abby Bizub                          Nursery rhymes can make heinous crimes, such as the tragic case of Humpty Dumpty, quite difficult to solve.  Detective Green and company have been called in to investigate a crime scene where Mr. Humpty Dumpty has been found shattered. Fowl play is suspected.  They have one hour to solve the crime - the same time frame as a typical Law and Order episode minus commercials.  Can they do it? 

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"For The Love of Mike"

August 3rd and 4th , 2014 at 7 pm

A Romantic Comedy

Written by Leroy Clark     

Directed by Steve Bates

Show Dates:  October 3 - 26

Two people try to form a lasting relationship while struggling against the baggage of their past.  Mike is a charismatic charmer with Italian good looks.  Love Richards is a pretty but reserved secretary separated from her husband. She makes his heart sing and his temperature rise, but the complications speak louder.
Love Richards - 25 year-old secretary separated from her Salesman husband. The opposite of her name she has never known real love until she meets Mike Liberatore.
Mike Liberatore - 27 year-old circus acrobat with broken arm and leg, injuries suffered in motorcycle accident.  He is an athletic, warm and out going man with great charm from an Italian Catholic background.
Larry Richards - 29 year-old salesman.  Dresses well, drinks too much - full of self-pity and angry because his wife left him.
Mrs. Lieratore - Mike's mother.  Italian woman in mid-50's. She runs a deli.  She can be pushy, opinionated and bossy.  Yet she has a warmth and understanding that revels itself in a gentler side at times.
For more information, call 386-454-3525.


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